I’m a fly fishing girl from Wild & Wonderful West Virginia!  I love to fish for trout in the beautiful mountain streams of my home state. I promote catch and release and the conservation of our native brook trout.

     Fly fishing has changed my life in such a positive way that I want to share my passion with other women in hopes that they will find theirs. Follow me on my fly fishing adventures in the clear mountain waters traveling scenic West Virginia.


My First Fish

Life Through A Rainbow

     I was introduced to fly fishing at a time in my life when I was going through a major life event. After sixteen years my spouse and I split.  I had no purpose, nothing to look forward to. I just didn’t know what my future held. A date asked me on a fishing trip and I accepted.

     I’ll never forget anything about my first fly fishing experience. It opened my eyes not only to fishing but to nature…and to start living..really living my life again.

     The majestic scenery, calming clear rivers…it’s nature”s “healing waters”. That feeling I had netting my very first fish …a rainbow trout. The sound of the drag when I have a “fish on!” The sound of laughter….mine.

     My story isn’t one that saved my life or shaped my career. It transformed my life. It gave me focus and a direction at a time when I felt lost.  Fly fishing helped to heal my wounds mentally, spiritually and physically. I regained my confidence and became a secure confident woman…a leader.

     I created a group on Facebook, Women Wine & Waders to promote fly fishing. I schedule and plan fishing events across the state of West Virginia. Each event will include a soul who needs a trip away from sickness or life struggles.

     My weakness has always been communicating. So I’ve started writing and blogging short stories about my travels. Hosting the fishing events has helped me with public speaking.

     I have designed a line of jewelry, Fly Girl Jewelry.  It is handmade right here in WV.  And more products to be introduced in the future.

      I’m a member of Trout Unlimited and a volunteer for Project Healing Waters.  I’m on the Pro Staff at Lucky’s Outdoors in Summersville, WV.

     My life, my passion is fly fishing. I’m living the dash between birth and death. I have found the journey that God intended. It just took me a few years to find it, and there it was…in a rainbow.